Field Measuring

Field measuring and control

The WiDetect XPM Portable locator device will do the job

WiDetect XPM is a wireless measurement system that makes it easy for you as an operator to accurately measure the various types of alarm wire system during field work, follow up the guarantees and secure the system against malfunctions. The system gives you full control over your measurements and analyses in the field as well as a safer working environment.

Rough, easy and effective.

Benefits of using the XPM

  • Effective maintenance work
  • Wireless technology between the touchscreen and measurement unit
  • Superior precision
  • Immediate detection of wire break, short circuit and moisture.
  • Save and add measuring sites, on-site measurements
  • Automatic synchronization to WiDetect cloud
  • Measures up to 12000 meter wire
  • For tough envrionments
  • Share measurements with other operators
  • Working temperature device -20 to +50
  • Remote support available
  • Compatible with WiDetect Cloud Solution

Want to know more?

All our Wideco technicians are using the XPM as their preferred field device. Today our partners technicians, clients and other service staff are using the XPM for measuring in field.

Yes. Widecos experienced technicians provide training courses. The XPM course is divided into three days focusing on using the system, how to measure and analyze data.

By using our portable WiDetect XPM measuring device you have one tool for: checking electrical values, TDR curve up to 12.000 meters and you can compare measurement history quickly and easily.

There is no limit with the XPM. The battery will handle one day of measurements and can be supplied with a car charger for more battery demanding projects. Regarding measurements you can save thousands of measurement sites with data. The XPM will also synchronize everything to our cloud. This is a fantastic backup as well as the possibility to work on several places or several technicians sharing the measurements.