Smart Industries

Smart industries

Connect your industry

Boost the performance and comfort of your industry thanks to IoT Solutions.

LoRaWAN® offers low-power transmissions of data over long range, with a flexible model allowing for both public and private networks. Wideco supports your IoT smart industry project.

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“It is time to get your industry connected and secure your investment”

Sensors and monitoring

IoT means that more and more devices of different kinds are connected and communicating. It can be for example, electricity meters, machines, buildings, motion analysis, temperature monitoring and other sensors for different types of information gathering.

Make your infrastructure digital

If you are a district heating company, use our IoT sensors to keep track of temperature and humidity at the end customer.
Measure and detect open doors and tank water levels.
Monitor floors and internal pipelines and other machines to avoid severe leaks.

Smart City

IoT sensors and solutions can be adapted to all your projects. Check out our different segment of IoT sensors for smart industries available with LoRaWAN that best suited to your needs.