The solution for a safer future

Secure and connect your
underground areas

WiDetect A1 system enables effective remote monitoring of confined spaces both over and underground. Water accumulation in these spaces and other dangerous problems can be prevented and maintenance operations can be precisely guided.

What would you like to measure in your business?

The intelligent leak detection system

WiDetect A1 system gives you total control of your environment. With more than 6,000 devices installed systems in Europe and 15 years of experience in the field we have the knowledge to provide you with the means to be in control and secure your investment. 

With the WiDetect A1 system you could wirelessly measure air flow, temperature, humidity, gas, water levels and much more.

Secure your data center

Wideco offers one of the world’s most innovative concepts for preventing, detecting and securing various types of applications. WiDetect A1 System is designed to proactively monitor your environment – thereby optimizing operational reliability, ensuring the energy efficiency of your system and reducing the risk for costly damages. Monitoring of data floors is a good example.

With our widget based web platform WISION you can easy activate, measure and analyze all of your measuring data.

“Wideco monitors more than 6,000 confined spaces in Europe “

WiDetect Smart Device – the superior choice

The WiDetect A1 is an advanced industry monitoring unit for recording moisture, temperature, water levels, air flow, pressure, gas etc.

  • Measuring data collection range
  • 12 pcs standard inputs PT1000, Digital, 4-20mA, 0-10V for multiple measurements
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Multiple power supply options: 12VDC, lithium batteries single or double (5-12 years operation), Heat2Watt generator
  • Standard IP67 cabinet, external “tough” IP68 as optional (plastic, working temperature up to 150 C° (302 ))
  • Working temperature device -20 to +70 , (-4 to 158 F°)
  • High temperature sensors up to 300-400 F°
  • Remote firmware upgrade.
  • Ethernet or wireless (2G/3G) communication
  • Reliable and safe operating solution
  • Sabotage protection (+Lid detection)
  • Compatible with WiDetect Cloud Solution
  • Software, Web platform (WISION)
  • Integration to SCADA/GIS/BMS

Want to know more?

The WiDetect A1 unit can use a wide range of different sensors. In Water/Sewage manholes we normally use standard sensors such as float level indicators, or radar level indication. Other sensors are available as options, such as; gas, humidity, lid control, media temperature, temperature guard, capacitive level sensors, pressure sensors, etc.

You can use our MultiZone M3 Sensor cable, which detects liquids. With our capacitive level sensor probes you can detect the presence of any liquid between the floor and the sensor. Suitable for monitoring of mechanical rooms etc. Read more about Smart Buildings here.

Yes. Our WiDetect Cloud includes the WiDetect WISION where you have total control over all of your connected units in your system. With WiDetect WISION you can monitor measurements, units, alarms, schedules, settings and use Google Maps to check where your units are located.