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Leak detection for district cooling pipelines

WiDetect is a complete leak detection system consisting of intelligent detection units and software applications. The system is designed to detect and locate leaks on district cooling pipelines before the damage becomes too severe.

The intelligent leak detection system

Wideco has for more than 20 years developed leak detection systems for district cooling systems. Today we offer one of the world’s most innovative concepts for preventing, detecting and securing leaks in various types of pipelines. WiDetect system is designed to proactively monitor your district cooling pipelines, thereby optimizing operational reliability, ensuring the energy efficiency of the pipelines and reducing the risk for costly damages.

“Wideco has more than 35 years experience of developing leak detection devices”

Safer operation and lower costs

By proactively monitoring the pipeline systems, leaks can be detected and reduced before major damage occurs. This means that the operational reliability, customer satisfaction and energy efficiency are optimized. Costs are minimized over time and you can keep focusing on your core business.

Patented technology for district cooling systems

Mainly due to issues related to condensation, conventional uninsulated sensor wires are not a recommended solution for leak detection for district cooling systems. The data will simply not be accurate enough, which to a large extent defeats the purpose of a leak detection system.

Wideco has solved this problem by developing a patented sensor cable, WiDetect 3Dc, which eliminates all problem related to condensed moisture. The 3Dc sensor is easily assembled.

WiDetect leak detection units for measuring on district cooling pipelines

WiDetect X6 – the superior choice

The WiDetect X6 is specially designed to monitor and measure district cooling pipelines with the 3dc sensor alarm wire installed.

  • Designed for demanding district cooling pipeline system conditions
  • Flank and sinus curve measurement
  • Practical accuracy (1-10m) at location (Theoretical <1 meter)
  • Measures 3Dc length up to 3000 meter
  • Possibility to connect 6 x 3000 meter pipeline to one unit with multiple connection boxes
  • Power supply options: 12VDC /solar panel
  • Standard IP67 cabinet, external “tough” IP68 as optional (plastic, working temperature up to 150 C° (302 ))
  • Working temperature device -20 to +70 , (-4 to 158 F°)
  • I/O module as option
  • Remote firmware upgrade.
  • Ethernet or wireless (2G/3G) communication
  • Reliable and safe operating solution
  • Compatible with WiDetect Cloud Solution
  • Software, Web platform (WISION)
  • Integration to SCADA/GIS/BMS

Want to know more?

Wideco has developed several patented alarm wire sensor cables. Today we have sensor cables specially developed for district cooling pipelines, water pipelines and smart buildings leak detection. We do not supply copper wires.

Yes. Our WiDetect XPM system is designed for measuring in field. The XPM system is a modern and easy system to work with in the field. Read more about XPM here.