Monitoring made easy


WISION is a widget based real-time web monitoring software which simplifies your monitoring, analysis and statistics.

Smart features and real benefits

IoT driven monitoring solutions.

IoT driven monitoring solutions means that you can measure and monitor virtually anything – flooding, temperature, gas, flow, etc. – in a user-friendly way.

WISION is cloud-based and comes with a widget design for full access anywhere as well as immediate and perpetual connectivity. Just grab your smart device and get total control.

“Just grab your device and get total control”

Informative widget design

WISION provides a user-friendly and dynamic graphical view of real-time data and widget based information and statistics. Access it with your smartphone or tablet.

Quick and easy filtration

WISION offers an informative dashboard where you get a quick overview of the status of your WiDetect system. At the top, you can easily filter out devices, loop sections or alarms that you want to focus on.

KPI statistic widgets

The four KPI statistics widgets at the top give you smart and useful statistics, providing real-time data to simplify operational decisions.

Weather widget

An integrated weather widget provides you with the latest weather forecast based on the GPS position of your measuring device.

Detect and locate

Our smart and simple measurement data widgets give you access to analysis of all measurement data and also location curves from your pulse echo meter devices, WiDetect X6 and XPM.

Measuring device list

Manage all of your measurement devices from the device list widget. The action function allows to quickly perform various actions on the devices.

SCADA/GIS Integration (optional)

WISION can be integrated with both your GIS system and SCADA systems. The GIS widget, enables you to quickly view your devices, piping, alarm wire sections, chambers, valves etc. directly in Google Maps.

Want to know more?

WISION has no limit and you can connect thousands of different units to your account.

You need our GIS integration widget together with API to communicate with your GIS system. We use a standard API interface, but it depends on what kind of GIS system you have. Please contact us to and we will help you .

WISION is user license based and you pay a monthly cost. WISION comes with an admin account that makes it easy to manage different user licenses. WISION can be used by several different users at your company, such as field technicians, maintenance managers, operations personnel, finance or as a monitor mode for the reception.

Special widgets that´s not included in the standard version, is available at an extra charge.