Worldwide Partners

Join us in our mission to prevent leaks around the globe

Wideco expands continuously and aims to grow organically, working with partners across the world.
All Wideco Partners are certified and well-educated in our systems, usually through the Wideco Academy, ensuring smooth and successful partnerships. Do you want to join us in our mission to simplify leak detection and prevention on a global scale?
Contact us for more information on how to become a Wideco Partner.

“Thanks to Wideco, Norheat has become experts on leak-monitoring in Norway.”


Norheat AS, Widecos Norwegian partner, works with a broad spectrum of solutions and services in the district heating business. Welding, muffing, measuring, leak detection, sales and also as contractors in larger projects. Norheat has been proud partners to Wideco since 2013 and has become experts on leak-monitoring and surveillance in Norway.

Norheat currently has over 300 WiDetect units in the database in most major cities in Norway. Norheat is continually expanding into new cities and towns in Norway.

Contact Norheat: Christoffer Nilsen +41 798111813

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Logstor A/S is Wideco’s European partner since 2011 with Head Office in Denmark. LOGSTOR is a global supplier of complete pre-insulated pipe systems with a focus on providing better energy efficiency to their customers and have their own brand of our leak detection system called Logstor Detect.

For more than 50 years ago LOGSTOR developed the technology behind cutting-edge district heating solutions that revolutionized the energy industry. The requirements for LOGSTOR’s energy-efficient products are high and fit´s Widecos high standards.

Contact Logstor: Alain Routier
+47 41634951


Oryx Piping is Wideco’s partner for the Middle East Region with Head Office in Dubai. Oryx is a fast-growing supplier of steel pipes in the Middle East, with branches in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They also specializes in installation of steel pipes and fittings, flanges etc in the District Cooling & Automated Waste Collection systems industry since 2007.

Contact Oryx: Hisham Parvez +971 505457524


Bolar Trading & Contracting (BTC) is essentially a piping company operating for the District Cooling & Automated waste collection industry. Bolar specialize in the supply & installation of steel pipes, fittings, flanges etc in the District Cooling & Automated Waste Collection systems industry since 2007. A local Widetect Tech team is situated in Qatar, Doha and are certified WiDetect Partner.

Contaxt Bolar: Deya Hamad
deya@bolar.qu +974 40409828

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Rovanco Piping Systems is a manufacturer of pre-insulated pipes and piping systems and Wideco´s trusted partner in the US. With market expert experience since 1969 and representatives all over the US, Rovanco focuses on high quality products, prompt deliveries and a serious commitment to innovation and customer service. With a big entrepreneurial spirit and a vast experience, Rovanco makes a perfect partner to Wideco in the US.

Contact Rocanco: Chad Godeaux +1 815 741 6700

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Xing Bang Engineering Equipment Co Ltd is one of the largest pre-insulated pipe manufacturers in China. Their focus on extremely high quality in everything from products to after-sales & support, to jointing, welding and project management really says it all about their focus on being in the absolute forefront of all Chinese pipe manufacturers. They started the company in 1995, and the focus on trust from their end customers, together with a full range operations team, makes XingBang the perfect fit for Wideco on the Chinese market.

Contaxt Xing Bang: Mei Zhijian +86 315 633 1881